11 Tips On How To Use Your Tumble Dryer

Although a tumble dryer has been around for many years, there are still a few tips and tricks on how to get the most out of them.

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1) Are Your Clothes Suitable to Dry?

Before you put your clothes in your tumble dryer, the first thing you should ideally do is to take a step back and see if your clothes actually need drying.

Although you might be thinking that this tip is basic, a lot of people take their clothes out of the washing machine and just chuck them inside. Do you check the label on your fabrics to see how you should dry them? It’s understandable we get a little bit lazy at home and maybe put the wrong heat temperatures.

A dryer symbol guide
As you can see above, there are a few labels on your clothes indicating the different settings you should dial your tumble dryer to or not put it in a dryer at all. Using this label will save you the heartbreak of seeing your favourite new jumper shrink half its size.

2) Dry Similar Fabrics Together

I know it’s tempting when you’ve taken a whole load out of the washing machine to put it all inside your dryer and get it done as quickly as possible.

However, if you do have the ability to dry fabrics together, that’ll be incredibly efficient and increase performance, too. So if you have your cottons and synthetics, or shirts, if you’re going to put all of them together, it’d make it a lot more efficient.

3) Large Single Items with Small Ones

Don’t dry large items like duvet covers or bedsheets – especially if you go up to big sizes such as kingsized – with small items like underwear.

The reason behind this is the small items get tangled with the large items and end up not drying properly.

You can either leave it to hang or chuck it inside your dryer, putting it in a high spin speed and then letting it hang out.

4) Try To Spread Them Out

When you take clothes out of the washing machine, try to spread them out. Sometimes when you take them out they’re quite condensed, compact. So when you take them out of the washing machine just give them a little shake and loosen them up. That’ll help it quicker and more efficiently.

5) Consider Using Tumble Dryer Balls

These are little dry rubber balls you put inside your next load, and what it does is separate all the clothes – and it can quicken up the drying process.

What it does is separate all the clothes, causing your clothes to dry properly as they’ve been separated.

6) Don’t Overload

Although an obvious one and a lot of people know it, not a lot of people actually do it.

Overloading A Washing Machine

The way you can put this to the test is by opening your dryer and putting your four fingers, leaving your thumb at a 180-degree angle, touching the outside circle of the machine. And if you can comfortably fit your fingers inside it then it’s at an ideal load size.

Nothing good will happen if you were to fill it up: your clothes will either take ages to dry or you’ll just find that it won’t dry at all.

7) Use Sensor Dryer

When I put clothes in a sensor dryer, it’ll measure how long they’ll need to dry for. This is such an amazing feature to have, as it not only saves energy but also increases the lifespan of your clothes as it won’t overdo it, leaving horrible clothes.

8) Clean The Heat Exchanger

Normally, it’s based at the bottom of the tumble dryer. And simply unclick it and pull it out. It’s quite a large piece so beware.

1251063168 Tumble Dryer Condenser Heat Exchanger

Once you’ve taken it out, make sure to run it under a cold tap. You can also use a brush, and gently brush its crevices. And when you’re done make sure to slide it back in.

What you’ll find is that it’ll dry your clothes a lot better and more efficiently.

9) Empty The Container

You might be thinking this is sort of an obvious one, but what you find is that you only empty it whenever it’s completely full. But, it should be emptied every load. The main reason for this is that if you have a sensor built-in, then – the tumble dryer doesn’t really like to be interrupted – the load will come out with dissatisfactory results.

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10) Broken Tumble Dryer Belt

This is more of a tip for saving you from buying another dryer. If you’ve overloaded your dryer for a long period of time then you’ll see that the tumble dryer belt has worn quite a bit or completely snapped.

Tumble Dryer Belts Snapping

These aren’t really expensive to get – depending on the brand – and they’re usually pretty easy to install.

11) Replacing Tumble Dryer

If you have a problem where it’s not heating then check around the tumble dryer, as there might be a thermal cutout switch. Normally is a red switch. but if you simply flick the switch, as your tumble dryer might have gotten too hot.

If, however, it keeps on doing it then make sure to call us at 0800 888 6666 and we’ll put you through one of our engineers who’ll sort your problem out.

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