AEG Refrigerator Fault Codes: A Complete Guide – Zest

This guide contains everything you’ll need to figure out what error your AEG Fridge is trying to communicate. Whether it’s a noisy fridge, a smelly fridge, or your fridge is too hot. Remember to call an engineer if you’re not able to fix it yourself, and check the common issues below the table for some other useful information. For other valuable articles, check out the rest of our helpdesk articles here.

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Error CodeMeaning
E0No error
E1Evaporator sensor damaged
E2Room temperature sensor damage (install on the display board)
E4Room temperature sensor damaged (installed on the power display board)
E50 degree compartment sensor damaged
Erhttp://IM/RAM Error. Check J4-4, J4-5, and J4-6 Connectors on the Icemaker board. Check the J4 connector at the Main Control board. Check 15 pin inline connector at the control board, Pin #’s 4,9 & 14. If all connections test good, control board.
t3TH3 Sensor (open or short) Go to flow chart for Ice t3
CEIM Com Lost Go to flow chart 50C. Put into service mode to verify.
SY – EF Evaporator Fan Failure
SY – CECommunication Error
SY – CF Communication Failure
F7It might be that the power supply has been interrupted for a period or that the door has been too long or not properly closed.
F2It is possibly a faulty thermostat.
Table of AEG Fridge Error Codes

So those are the error codes for your AEG fridge, and these should help you diagnose the issue and with the help of an engineer, get it fixed!

Common Fridge / Freezer Faults

Here is a shortlist of some of the most common fridge/freezer problems, for a little extra help.

  1. Freezer too hot – This is most likely either the compressor or the evaporator fan that has gone wrong. Check both and call an engineer.
  2. Water leaking on the floor – This could be a clogged drain hose which you could have to clear manually. Try draining the hole from the inside using warm water though.
  3. Fridge cycling too often – Unplug the refrigerator and clean the condenser coils. It could be this that caused the issue or it could be that your fridge temperature is too low.
  4. The fresh food compartment is warming up – This issue could be caused by either a diffuser fan that’s clogged with ice or your evaporator fan could need a new motor.
  5. A buildup of frost in the ice dispenser –  Check the damper door for any dirt or debris that may be causing air to leak through. It may be a case of simply cleaning up the dirt, or you may need to buy a replacement part.

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