Hotpoint Fridge Error Codes: A Complete Guide

Do you have a Hotpoint refrigerator that you need to diagnose and fix? Well, hopefully our article can help you with that. Here’s a table full of error codes and potential solutions below.

Error CodeProblemSolution
E0The ice maker not functioning correctly.Book a repair.
E1Refrigerator sensor fault.Book a repair.
E2Freezer sensor fault.Book a repair.
E3Defrost sensor fault.Check your drainpipe and plumbing for blockages – if the fault persists then book a repair.
E4Fridge defrost sensor fault.Book a repair.
E5Freezer defrost sensor fault.Book a repair.
E6Main control-board and display board fault.Book a repair
E7Environmental temperature sensor fault.
Book a repair
E8Environmental temperature sensor fault.Book a repair
E9Freezer high-temperature alarm.Check if the door is closed properly. Book a repair if the problem continues.
EEIce maker circuit fault (if fitted).Book a repair.
Error Code Table for Hotpoint Fridges

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