Samsung Fridge Error Codes: A Complete Guide

Here is our article helping you diagnose and fix your Samsung refrigerator. It’s full of error codes that you never want to see but will inevitably come across once or twice in your time. Have a read below.

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Error CodeProblemPotential Solution
4eFailure of defrosts sensor.Lose wiring / maybe only possible to replace.
5 / 5edefrost sensor failure and/or power outage. First, try to clear it by resetting your refrigerator several times. Replace if not working.
6eAmbient Sensor error, which may occur after a power outage.To clear it, press Power Freeze and Power Cool (or two top left and right side buttons, if the panel on your fridge is different) simultaneously and hold them for about 15-20 seconds. Usually, this simple resetting brings a fridge back to normal functioning.
8eDue to an ice maker sensor failure.  It means that the sensor is disconnected or not working. Check the wiring and the sensor. You may need to replace the whole thing. Contact Samsung.
23e1: Condenser fan error signaling a problem in the fan’s wires.
2: Second, this may be a control board or wiring harness issue.
Check it is receiving power. If the issue persists replace it.
25eDefrost function error.Not repairable, problem in the motherboard, defrost sensor, or heating element. One of these parts is the problem and must be replaced.
33eIce pipe heater failure.Try to clear the code by pressing the upper right and left corner buttons together for 5 seconds, the dispenser should restart and run diagnostics. If not, and the error code is still there, you must replace your fill tube heater ASAP.
39eIce maker sensor error.Check the wires and water line etc and make sure the ice maker is all connected, Once you detect the problem, contact Samsung and discuss the issue with them. They may provide a new part even if it is not under warranty. Second, this may be related to the lack of water in the ice maker.
40eFreezer defrost malfunction.Locate and thaw the frost buildup in the fridge. Hairdryers are useful for this.
84c / 84eThis error signals a rotor lock.If there is 84E on the display, it is a very bad sign: the entire DC three-speed compressor may need to be replaced. The only way to get to the locked-up rotor is to get into the compressor. Because it is a sealed and actually least accessible part of a Samsung fridge, it takes professional experience to do that.
83e / 85e / 86e / 88This group of errors may arise from a power outage (83e) and result in current instability at the PDA Inverter.If you see 88 88, 83E, 85E, or 86E on your Samsung fridge’s display, do the following: turn it off or unplug it and wait for 3 to 5 minutes. Then turn it on or plug it back in to reset the system and clear the codes. These codes may occur due to improper functioning of the PBA inverter.
0fThe “0f” indicates a so-called “showroom mode”.Press the POWER FREEZE and the FREEZER buttons simultaneously and hold them for 3-5 seconds.
Wait until the unit switches to the right mode.
2eMisconnection or a short circuit in the fresh food sensor.This requires a look into the main control board: Get a professional to do this to be safe. To clear the error, press Lighting, and Energy Saver at the same time and hold the buttons for about 8-10 seconds.
Samsung Refrigerator Error Codes Table

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