What Are Smart Appliances? A Simple Guide.

From toasters to fridge freezers, from washing machines to dishwashers and home security systems, there is a world of smart appliances opening possibilities for easier home life and the future of kitchen appliances is looking exciting. Let’s dive in and look at what smart appliances are, the internet of things, and what it means for homes going forward.

What are Smart Appliances?

A smart appliance is an appliance that connects to your smartphone or a tablet so that you may use it more conveniently and get more from your technology.

Having your appliances connected to your devices creates what is known as an Internet of Things (IoT) and in a lot of cases, you can use a home assistant like Amazon Alexa to control all these things from one central hub. This means you don’t even have to move from your seat to get lots of your chores going!

What is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things means a network of devices and appliances that have software and sensors that all connect and exchange data via the internet without human intervention. This means for the future; the possibilities are endless for what could be done with our devices and appliances.

What are the Benefits of Smart Appliances?

Smart appliances can provide useful notifications, for example, the Bosch Home Connect Dishwashers will let you know when you’re low on tablets and also count how many you have. You can also set them to go at a time when you’re not in so all your washing gets done while you’re out. Another great benefit of smart appliances is that they’ll let you know when something has malfunctioned, making it easy to get it diagnosed and fixed as soon as possible.

Sustainability is a big benefit too, these smart appliances can be more efficient in some cases like with some smart washing machines, they’ll determine the weight of the clothes in the drum and will make sure to only use the appropriate amount of water and energy to get that load done. This is great for the planet, your energy bills, and being responsible in general.

Keeping inventory is another big benefit. Some Smart Fridges from manufacturers like LG and Samsung can keep track of what you have, when it runs out, when things go out of date, and even order regularly bought items on its own. This makes things so much easier when it comes to food shopping and keeping track of what you have.

Security is another benefit. With systems like Ring, you can see who’s at your door from anywhere, just by checking your phone. You can set it to send you notifications when you get a visitor or parcel and it’ll show you through a camera who’s at your door. Less worrying about what’s going on at your home and more fun while you’re out!

Heating your home has never been easier either with systems like Hive that connect to your phone allowing you to control the temperature of individual rooms from your phone or tablet. Or even with Alexa or Google Assistant.

Final Thoughts

With so many smart appliances popping up in the market at the moment it’s an exciting time for homeowners, and while it may be tempting to splash out on every new gadget out there, it’s definitely a good idea to research what you need and what smart appliances you’ll make the most use of. We’re looking forward to seeing what comes of the Internet of Things and how we all interact with our appliances going forward.

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