What is Indesit Washing Machine Error Code F11?

Is your Indesit washing machine displaying error code F11? Find out what that means here with a helpful video. Transcription below.


“Hi, I’m Matt from eSpares. In this video, I’m going to be showing you how to identify the cause of an F11 or drain error code on a Hotpoint or Indesit washing machine. If your machine displays an F11 code on a digital display, or your lights are flashing in this manner, the machine thinks it has an emptying or draining problem. The most likely cause is debris stuck in the filter. Safety first, Always unplug the appliance before carrying out any work. Also, before checking the filter, make sure you empty the machine via the drain hose into a bowl. Otherwise when you open the filter, you’ll have water all over your floor to access the filter and need to remove the kickplate. Here we have the filter. If the filter can’t turn on your model, that may mean that there’s a bra strap hair clip something like that blocking the filter from turning. This will mean that you’ll have to get to the pump behind the filter. Thankfully, this one’s okay. Good idea is to take a long headed screwdriver and use that just to give the pump impeller a spin at the back. That should spin freely.

No issue there. Now if your machine is draining slowly, there may be a problem with the hoses or the pipes. Now in order to get to those we need to put the machine onto its side with the machine on its side. The next place to check is the sump hose. Easy enough to do you can give that a good massage. This is often blocked by small items such as socks or baby clothes. On this model, the sun pose as a ball at the top, your model may not have that. If you find a blockage here, easy enough to undo. simply undo these three clamps here and remove the whole suppose and take the debris out. If you check the sump hose and there’s no problem there, the next place to check is the pump and the pump is easily removed by undoing these four screws at the front here. With the screws out the pump just comes away. Good idea to check the resistance of the pump using your multimeter set to the second lowest setting and you’re looking for a reading of around 220 owns. Now this one measure is fine but if your pump measures over 220 ohms or is intermittently not starting, you’re going to need to replace it. It’s easy enough to do simply grab a pair of water pump pliers and a top tip is to remove the hoses. Just bring the hose clips up the hose. This makes it easier to replace them later.

This also gives you a second chance to check the hoses if necessary. Then you can just grab the new pump and fit the hoses back on.

So there we have it the F11 or drain error code troubleshooted for this Indesit washing machine. It’s a good idea to put your machine through a test cycle just to see if everything’s okay. parts for this Indesit washing machine are many other makes and manufacturers can be found on the eSpares.co.uk website.”

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